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Comment by Steven Langdon

Hi Toby,
Since this image was taken I have made the switch to digital. I have yet to do any serious work with my new 20D but will hopefully get somewhere interesting soon. The 'white out' happened at the time I took the shot. My camera was loaded with Tri-X for the dull grey morning but then the sun came out and I was too busy following the K-FOR soldiers to make any alterations. I quite like the way the light spilled around the figures though. Thanks for the info on the photographers; I've looked at their sites.

Comment by Toby Deveson

Hi Steven.

Just logged on to see how the site was going and saw your new stuff. Great to see you add more since you joined us a couple of years ago.

What a fantastic image. Would love to hear what it's like in Kosovo at the moment. I spent a while in Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary in the early 90's and follow the situation in "eastern europe" with interest. What took you there?

I seem to have been asking alot of people who have posted on this site recently about their images, but it is interesting to know. Are you digital or film? Is the 'white out' post production/darkroom or at time of shooting?

They remind me a little of Mario Giacomelli's work, perhaps too obvious a comparison I suppose!

Also have you seen work by Jacob Aue Sobol? His web site is at Well worth a look, it's almost a cross between this image and Giacomelli's stuff.

Good to have your new work on Odyssey!